The Tapping Toolkit

The Tapping Toolkit is a practical collection of strategies and tactics for people who use EFT/Tapping for their own personal development or in their professional work with clients.

Practical Wellbeing

The Tapping Toolkit is a practical collection of strategies and tactics for people who use EFT/Tapping for their own personal development or in their professional work with clients.

It’s a book for people who are ready, willing and able to work with their own experience and don’t want to be spoon-fed general purpose, pre-digested solutions.

The Tapping Toolkit is a compilation of some of the Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) / Tapping processes that I have developed over more than 14 years as an EFT Practitioner and Trainer.

What you will find in this book

The techniques presented in this book range from very simple tactics to quite broad strategies for dealing with difficult situations.

  • Neutralise resistance to tapping so that you can get on with making the changes you want to make.
  • Make problems more “tappable”.
  • Identify and neutralise blocks to getting things done.
  • Soften negative emotions quickly and easily.
  • Easily find and dissolve limiting beliefs.
  • Change unhelpful patterns of behaviour and help create new ways of doing things.

Unfortunately if you want to make these changes you will have to do the work. I think this book can help you in that work.

What you wont find in this book

This isn’t a book for people who want to be spoon fed.

  • There are no tapping scripts where you follow along with my tapping suggestions. You’ll need to do some thinking or feeling of your own to get the best from this book.
  • There are no guides for working with specific problems such as abundance, weight loss, self esteem and so on. You can’t go to the index (there isn’t one) and look up your specific issue. Instead, I’ll be inviting you to look a bit more deeply into what is going on and tap on that.
  • There are no promises of miracle cures or one minute wonders. Many of these techniques are ways of working effectively with small parts of the whole problem so that you can start making some progress. The whole problem may take some time and effort to solve

Who this book is for

The Tapping Toolkit is for people who already know and use EFT/Tapping for their own self development or with the people they work with in their professional lives.

It is a collection of techniques designed for people who want to be free of their unhelpful and limiting thoughts, feelings, beliefs and patterns of behaviour.

To get the best out of the book you need to be willing to explore your own experience, try things out and learn from the process.

It is an opportunity and an invitation to develop your awareness, intuition and judgement about your inner world and give you new ways to work with what you find.

Get this book if you want to add new techniques and tactics to your self help or therapeutic activities as using them can lessen the amount of emotional suffering in your life.

This book isn’t a substitute for appropriate mental health care. If you need mental health care, please get it from a well trained mental health practitioner.

The Tapping Toolkit: A Brilliant New Resource

In The Tapping Toolkit, EFT International Master Trainer Andy Hunt has created an incredibly rich resource for tapping practitioners and those who use tapping to help others or for their own self-development.

What’s most refreshing is that the Tapping Toolkit takes you way beyond the basics and presents a range of powerful strategies for going deeper and exploring core issues.

The many useful techniques and strategies contained therein are broken into Simple Techniques, Intermediate Techniques and Advanced Techniques.

I’m pretty sure that most of these techniques you won’t have seen before. It’s fantastic and a true labour of love from a guy who knows what he’s doing.

Steve Wells, international leadership coach and peak performance consultant: creator of Intention Tapping and co-creator of Simple Energy Techniques (SET) and Provocative Energy Techniques (PET).

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